“Tavern musick strikes in me a deep fit of devotion; there is something in it of Divinity more than the ear discovers; it is an hieroglyphical and shadowed lesson of the whole world...” -Thomas Browne, Religio Medici

Beyond his philosophical interests, Merrill's greatest hope for the Order was to establish a place where people from all parts of the world could gather and make lasting bonds. Merrill never forgot his childhood working in the tavern of his adoptive parents. He remembered the music, the humor, and the feeling of refuge from the harsh realities of the outside world. There is a reason every lodge has a tavern. Today our knights find fellowship in a rich variety of activities - music, volunteer work, athletics - all of which are aimed at building community both inside and outside the lodge. Merrill also believed strongly in the importance of mentorship, the passing on of wisdom to younger generations. For this reason, each new member in the order is given a chance to work with a knight, who guides his squire through the grades.

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